My name is Zoe Rose.
I am based in Malibu, California.
I am a Creator and Lover of Art. I believe Art contains within it the Spirit of Life…
in fact, Art is Life!

My curiosity to learn more about my role as an artist in this world has led me on a
passionate pursuit of both Beauty and Truth.

I see Art as a doorway into deeper levels of Being. It has led me on a path of Spirituality and Self Discovery which is continuously challenging me to expand my horizons and open my heart and mind to the possibility there is much, much more to life and art than meets the eye.

Art has not only helped me understand more about myself and the greater human experience, but it has given me a deeper understanding of the delicate cosmic thread that unites us all.

I was given a paintbrush when I was 2 years old and have developed a strong relationship with my creative impulse ever since. It has been quite the journey to arrive where I am today, filled with lots of lessons and many twists and turns, all necessary in shaping my vision of the journey that lies ahead; a vision where art holds the key to unlocking higher levels of consciousness and where artists are at the forefront of awakening humanity to a New Paradigm Shift.

I’ve learned above all to keep following my bliss: a burning desire to create art from a place of truth and experience life itself as an artform; infused with beauty, poetry, wisdom, and love.

Along this path, I aspire to continue to learn and evolve, while cultivating a greater understanding of the purity of my purpose.  I see my art as an ally in this whole process of becoming.

My artistic approach as a painter involves an openness to experimentation with different styles and expressions, which I'm passionate about exploring.

I am a technical painter and use my skills to achieve realistic portraits that tend to have an element of surrealism, whether through playing with color or a juxtaposition of style.

I also give myself the freedom to channel my creative energy in the various ways it wants to come forth using my intuition alone.  

Normally, this process involves starting with abstract shapes and chaotic lines, until I begin to see order and structure as I build layers of colors and form.  

This is a form of liberation in the sense that it comes purely from the soul. It is both the song and the dance of my subconscious mind. It is a practice in listening and actively participating.  

Sometimes figures emerge; and their faces become characters in a bigger story. They allow me to touch upon themes in love and loss, feeling and seeing. When they emerge, often symbolism plays a role in the means of storytelling.

Through painting, I am interested in touching parts of the Soul that need our attention: the parts that remind us of our collective humanity, the parts that recognize beauty as a reflection of our own inner nature, the parts that wish to feel more and see more.

I have realized that my creative powers are not mine alone, but are here to be shared collectively in a deeper, more meaningful way.  In doing so, I hope to inspire others to follow their own creative calling, and let it lead them to living a conscious life full of exploration, wonder, beauty, and love.